Frequently Asked Questions

How many URLs am I allowed to enter into the rotator?
You are allowed as many URLs as you want, it is your rotator.

What kind of sites are not allowed to be used in the rotator?
You are not allowed to include any adult content, illegal content, or other rotators.

Why cant I use another rotator in this one?
Other rotators are not needed because an unlimited amount of sites is already allowed. They also make your rotator load slower.

Can I remove the advertisement from my rotator?
No. This site stays free from advertisers support.

Why is my rotator displaying your site?
Check your URL box in the members area and see if there are any blank lines. The blank lines will rotate the URL Rotator site.

Do I receive any traffic from your services?
No. The only traffic you receive is the traffic you send to your own rotator. This is not a traffic exchange service.